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Selling jewellery can be a deeply affecting and personal decision. So often, great sentimentality is attached to pieces, whether they have been inherited, received as a gift, or perhaps as engagement or wedding jewellery. However, it’s understandable that you will sometimes need to sell items, whether for cash requirements or simply the need to let go and move on. So naturally, when it comes time to sell, you will want a reputable selling platform, buyer, or broker for your jewellery items. 

Selling Online

Diamond clarity boils down to the number and extent of the flaws any diamond will have. Remember that natural diamonds are formed by extreme geological pressures forcing carbon molecules to link together in a particular way. Other elements may also be present when this process occurs which will result in tiny flaws. In addition, the cutting process that goes on with diamonds may lead to certain flaws being highlighted. All diamond dealers tend to refer to anything present in a diamond that, ideally, would not be there as inclusions. Inclusions are often black, grey or even white specks that can be seen within the body of the diamond.

There are a few popular ways to sell jewellery, most of those being online. However, some take longer than others, such as selling on eBay or another market site. Knowing the timeframe you want to sell over is essential, especially if you need fast cash release from your jewellery which you won’t necessarily find in many online marketplaces. Additionally, you will never be sure if your target buyers can be found there or another who understands and appreciates the true value of your piece. Perhaps you, too, need clarification on its quality and what the asking price ought to be. This is where it helps to have an industry expert to help and provide an honest and fair evaluation of your precious items.

Reasons to Choose Bonds of Brentwood?

Bonds of Brentwood is a respected pawnbroker specialising in luxury items, including jewellery, watches, gold, and precious stones. One of our experts will appraise each item and offer the best possible price based on market demand and item condition. We are known in Essex for being reputable and fair as we serve clients all over the county and from even further away. When you come into the store, you will receive first-class service and evaluation on your luxury jewellery items which we will either buy or, if you prefer, use your items as collateral. As a pawnbroker, jeweller and luxury watch retailer, our team has comprehensive knowledge of how to value jewellery. We do so on a case-by-case basis to honestly assess the value of your item when you bring it in.

Sell Your Jewellery With Minimal Fuss

When you sell with us, there is no rushing or pressure, nor worry that our marketplace can take weeks or months to sell. Our pawnbroking service is quick and comprehensive, meaning you can decide to sell and complete the deal rather than waiting for an auction to hit a limit, or meeting multiple buyers, going one will agree to your price. Selling with Bonds of Brentwood is entrusting your sale to experts.

Contact Us to Sell Your Jewellery

We are a leading online operator in the sector so you can get a good idea about us from our website before you visit us. And when you’re ready to contact us, you can do so via the online contact form or email, making your initial enquiry simple. So don’t hesitate to contact us and discover how we can help you easily sell your luxury jewellery.