Loans Against Antiques

Antiques are usually items classed as over 100 years old and can be anything from furniture to art and collectors’ items. Often items from certain designers or brands can be worth a lot of money based on the market trends and demands.

Do you have antiques in your possession which could be valuable? Did you know that you could pawn antiques to secure a short-term and low-interest loan with no hassle? We have experts and antique dealers in Essex who can value your item and provide loans against antiques or help you sell your antiques for cash.

How Does Pawnbroking Work and How Do I Pawn Antiques?

Bonds are a leading antique shop in Brentwood with some of the most experienced antique dealers in Essex working with us. We have been operating for over 70 years and in that time have come into contact with all sorts of luxury and antique goods – making us an experienced antique pawnbrokers shop to work with to get a valuation on your items.

We have good relationships with antique dealers in Essex and if our own experts are unable to appraise your item, we have a network of experts who can. Our experience and knowledge helping people pawn antiques means we are able to provide the very best loans against antiques. We offer a trustworthy, transparent and secure service, which has allowed us to operate successfully for so many years. We are here to help you pawn antiques for a short term loan or sell your antiques.



You can pawn any antiques of value; the value of your item will depend on the market interest in it and the condition it is in. Items that usually have high value are rare and sought after collectors’ items such as furniture, pottery and crockery or artwork. If you are unsure about the value of your item, bring your antique to our shop in Brentwood and one of our experts will be able to tell you if it is worth any money and how much.


Loan or Cash Payout

Once we value your items we can provide a loan against the antiques to provide you with a short term loan. Alternatively, you may wish to sell your antiques for cash, which we can pay out there and then in most cases.


Repay Your Loan

We look after your items and you can either choose to buy them back when you are ready, or we can help you to sell your items for the best price.

Our Loan Terms

Once your antique or antiques have been valued by our experts, we will provide you with a valuation for each item based on its current market value and condition.

We will provide you with a loan to the same value for a fixed period. We allow you to pay back loans early at any time without a penalty, so the loan can be on your terms.

As a leading antique pawn shop, we have been providing loans against antiques and selling antiques for many years.


Why choose Bonds Pawnbroker Services?

At Bonds of Essex, we offer very well respected and reputable pawnbroking services to clients all over the county and even further afield. 

Well Established

We have been working with antiques for years. We have a wealth of experience in all manner of antiques so get in touch for fair valuations on your possessions.

Premium Rates

Our expert team make sure that you receive the best possible valuations and terms at an appropriate rate.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customers can take advantage of our outstanding pawnbroking service. We have been working out of our Brentwood base for many years and are a trusted Antique Pawnbrokers in Essex.

Fast Response

We understand that our customers may need access to finance at short notice. It is simple to access cash with us – we can often release funds on the same day.

Want to Pawn Other Valuables?

As a pawnbrokers, jewellers and luxury watch retailer we have broad knowledge of items of value. If you want to access money by using your belongings as collateral we can assess your items on a case by case basis.


Luxury Goods





Luxury Goods




Contact Us Now to Secure a Loan Against Your Antiques

Bonds of Brentwood is a safe and professional environment where you can meet one of our experts who will appraise your item and offer the best possible price we can based on the market demand and condition of your items, whether it’s gold, watches, jewellery or art. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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