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Recessions can wreak havoc on many aspects of life, often striking the bank balance when most people cannot afford to lose anymore. In recent years with the pandemic, economic uncertainty and the cost of living crisis, a recession was a veritable certainty. Unfortunately, the gloom is expected to extend well into 2024 from predictions provided by the Bank of England. So it’s no wonder more and more people are looking to unlock cash from their luxury items. 

How Can Pawnbroking Help?

Diamond clarity boils down to the number and extent of the flaws any diamond will have. Remember that natural diamonds are formed by extreme geological pressures forcing carbon molecules to link together in a particular way. Other elements may also be present when this process occurs which will result in tiny flaws. In addition, the cutting process that goes on with diamonds may lead to certain flaws being highlighted. All diamond dealers tend to refer to anything present in a diamond that, ideally, would not be there as inclusions. Inclusions are often black, grey or even white specks that can be seen within the body of the diamond.

Pawnbroking is an industry with various vendors or brokers, each specialising in particular items. Each one will buy or loan against your items. At Bonds of Brentwood, we focus only on buying and selling luxury items, including brand-name watches, diamonds, gold, luxury goods, art, and antiques. Our expert team of pawnbrokers each have in-depth knowledge of luxury brands, art and antiques, meaning you can be confident in our services. This will provide cash flow when times are tough by selling items or using what you already own as collateral to improve your finances via a loan.

Pawnbroking For Cash Release

Bonds of Brentwood understand the true value of your luxury items and provide a fair and honest evaluation of what your individual item or your entire collection is worth. We buy items directly from clients and offer a cash payment on each, meaning you can access the money your luxury piece is worth quickly and easily. 

Pawnbroking For a Loan

Bonds of Brentwood also offers loans with your items as collateral. This will allow you to unlock the loan value of each when you need cash but want to retain ownership of your luxury goods. When repayment is complete, they will be returned to you in the same state you gave them to us.

The Process

On request, our team will thoroughly evaluate your items, including a visual inspection, consideration of certification, examination of paperwork and any other identification. From there, you will be offered a cash payment for your luxury goods or a loan offer that your item can secure for consideration. Once you decide whether this option and offer are right for you, you will receive cash immediately or on the same day. This can make a significant financial difference when you need it most.

Help During Times of Recession From Your Investments

Recently pre-owned luxury items have seen a significant rise in demand. This means they have excellent resale value and can provide much-needed cash flow when needed, regardless of whether you opt for a sale or use your item as collateral. In addition, some items, such as watches, art and antiques, retain value and often increase due to age and scarcity, meaning your items may be worth more than you first considered.

Entrust Bonds of Brentwood With Your Luxury Goods

Bonds of Brentwood is a respected pawnbroker specialising in high-end watches and other luxury goods. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you wish to sell your luxury items for a same-day cash boost – this can make all the difference to your bank balance during these trying times.