Gold Rolex watches don’t merely look golden in colour but are made from the precious metal, too. Typically, the Swiss watchmaker will make use of 18-carat gold for its wristwatches because, although this is not the purest form of gold, it means that the watch will offer a degree of dent and scratch resistance. Other elements that go into the gold alloy include copper and silver as well as platinum and palladium, both of which have a face value that is higher than gold. Most gold Rolex watches have gold as the mainstay of the case. On some occasions, Rolex also makes bezels from matching gold but these can be coloured differently to make them stand out. Many of the models Rolex has produced over the years are available in gold or part-gold. This includes both men’s and women’s models.

It should also be pointed out that gold Rolex watches are available – both new and used models – in all gold variants. These will have gold bracelets, gold bezels, gold dials and gold hands in addition to the more common gold case. The Rolex Day-Date and the DateJust are both models that come with this design variation. Other all-gold Rolexes include the Cosmograph, the Daytona, the Submariner, the Sky-Dweller, the Yacht-Master II and the Cellini. Considered to be design classics with many colour variants, the GMT Master II, the Pearlmaster and the original Yacht-Master can all be found in all-gold versions, as well. Rolex also makes extensive use of white gold, offering a silvery finish.

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