Green Rolex watches are among the most popular and distinctive colour schemes that the world-renowned Swiss watchmaker has ever come up with. Perhaps this is down to the fact that when Rolex’s designers have chosen green, they have picked particularly eye-catching shades. Most of the green Rolex watches that have ever been produced have luscious looking dials and bezels that make them truly stand out. When Rolex began making green watches, there were very few other luxury watchmakers who produced similar products. Green is still a little quirky but this fact alone makes green Rolexes desirable and worth more as collector’s items. What’s more, Rolex has historically blended green designs with gold cases and bracelets, making them even more eye-catching.

The GMT-Master II is one of the most iconic wristwatches that Rolex ever made available in green. It has been produced in various model variants for many years. There again, perhaps one of the most famous green Rolex watches is the so-called Kermit. Nicknamed after the greenest muppet of all, the Kermit is actually a Rolex Submariner which features a green dial as well as a green Cerachrom bezel. Some models of green Rolex Submariners are also referred to as the Rolex Hulk for obvious reasons. In fact, Rolex has made many of its most popular watches available in green. Other models to look out for include the Day-Date, the Daytona – which features a lustrous racing green – and the Oyster Perpetual. Something that offers a slightly different, leafy look is the Rolex Datejust.

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