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At Bonds of Brentwood, we are specialists in the used luxury watch market. Therefore, we can offer personalised advice about what sort of luxury wristwatch to choose whether you are buying something for yourself to wear, a gift for a loved one or, perhaps, as an investment purchase. Just ask one of our friendly members of staff about the unworn and pre-owned watches we have available and let us know about your priorities. 

Some people might want to stick to a certain budget while others will want to avoid certain materials, such as yellow gold, for instance. There again, some of our customers place a high level of importance on the accuracy of the timepieces we sell. Note that, at Bonds of Brentwood, there are numerous brands available to choose from – including Omega, Breitling and Rolex, among others – in all sorts of finishes and for all sorts of looks, as well. Consequently, we will be able to fulfil the desires of most watch buyers regardless of whether they want a specific wristwatch or have a more general theme in mind. 

One of the most common questions we get asked by new customers is whether an unworn watch is better than a pre-owned one. Let’s break that down a little to explain what these two terms mean.

What Are Unworn Watches?

For the most part, unworn watches are new insofar as they have been manufactured by the luxury watchmaker in question and then delivered to one of their resellers or dealerships directly for sale to the public. Such watches should be in top-quality condition with absolutely no signs of wear whatsoever. Although luxury watches are tough, minor – sometimes almost invisible – scuff marks and minute scratches can appear. Equally, the bracelets of watches will dull after being worn somewhat and tiny fragments can become trapped in the links. In short, it is usually quite easy for a trained eye to spot when a watch has been previously worn and when it has not.
Please bear in mind that unworn watches can be second-hand ones, too. In other words, this isn’t a category of watch that is only made up of the latest, brand-new models. Some investors and collectors buy luxury wristwatches when new and then never wear them. So long as they’ve been kept in their box and the original bill of sale is available, used but unworn luxury watches can be marketed as such.

What Are Pre-Owned Watches?

Pre-owned watches may have been worn or may not have been. That said, in most cases, however, pre-owned watches will have been worn by their previous owners. As such, they make up the vast majority of luxury watches available on the market today. Almost universally, they will show signs of wear and tear. The degree of wear will be reflected in the asking price of such watches. Some collectors prefer pre-owned watches with good provenance, especially if their minor blemishes show some character.

Which Is Better?

This comes down to personal preference. Unworn watches without the original receipt and box are less valuable for obvious reasons. Some people find that a pre-owned watch, especially if it is of a certain vintage and out of production, will accrue value faster than an unworn one. Therefore, from an investment perspective, a wise purchase can be made in either category of luxury watch, unworn or pre-owned.