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Rolex Yacht Master Watches Online

First released in 1992, the Yacht Master is a sports watch that was designed by Rolex to appeal to sailors and other watersports enthusiasts. Initially available in yellow gold for men only in a 40mm case, Rolex was quick to update the line with a lady’s model in 1994 featuring a 29mm case. Today, steel and platinum, steel and yellow gold and all yellow gold variants of the Lady Yacht Master are available in this size. In addition, Rolex introduced a mid-sized version of the Yacht Master in the mid-1990s, this one with a 35mm case. 

Since then, another mid-sized model has come out with a 37mm case. Indeed, in 2019, Rolex launched another Yacht Master in a larger, 42mm case thereby dramatically increasing the available options. The Yacht Master 42 was initially offered in white gold only but a yellow gold version followed in 2022. All Yacht Masters that have ever been produced by Rolex are rated to be waterproof to a depth of 330 feet and feature a triple-locking winding crown system.

In 2007, Rolex unveiled the Yacht Master II even though the Yacht Master was still being made. Both of these luxury wristwatches remain in production to this day. The Yacht Master II is easily distinguished from the Yacht Master thanks to its 44mm case. No matter which metal variants are used for a Yacht Master II, it will have this larger case. Designed to be scratch-resistant, all Yacht Master II model variants feature a sapphire crystal, too. This model also benefits from a 4161 movement offering owners a countdown functionality.