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Now has been the right time to invest in a Rolex for some years. The price of nearly all Rolexes has continued to go up over the last decade or so, something that means it has outperformed other sorts of investments significantly, especially noteworthy when much of the world economy has been suffering from higher-than-usual inflation. Is it still the case that 2023 will see another good year for Rolex investors? We think the short answer is, yes, it probably will be.

Are Rolexes Going Up in Price?

New Rolexes cost more than they ever have done before. The Swiss watchmaker bucked the trend somewhat when it announced a below-average inflation price announcement for 2023. This may be, in part, because the raw materials it uses aren’t expected to rise so steeply in the next twelve months. It also reflects the firm’s wider financial position, however. The average price hike for new Rolexes in 2022 was around the 4.2 per cent mark. This means that its profit margin remains very healthy so Rolex can keep operating with increased pricing, something that few in the industry would expect to alter in the coming years.

What About Rolex's Production Issues?

There have been some production problems for all luxury watchmakers in Europe, including Rolex, over the last few years. Global events have meant that turning out new watches hasn’t been possible at historic rates. Nevertheless, Rolex has already said it has no plans to ramp up production significantly this year. What does this mean? Primarily, it will mean that customers will still need to wait a long time for their chosen dealer to have new Rolexes come into stock. Pre-ordered watches typically involve a two-year wait, sometimes more. As such, the desirability of Rolexes is sky-high, a good thing for collectors and investors to know.

Is a Used Rolex Investment a Good Idea?

The second-hand Rolex market for investors continues to be buoyant. Indeed, some used models saw asking prices rise by as much as 10 per cent in 2022. Of course, it very much depends on the particular timepiece you are talking about. That being said, as a specialist buyer and seller of used Rolexes and other luxury watches, we see that the general trend is upward across the board. The only thing that investors should be wary of is actually wearing their watch. Investment pieces should be kept pristine to maximise growth. Nevertheless, even used Rolexes that are worn tend to go up in value, even if it is at a lower rate than unworn versions.

Which Rolex Should You Invest in?

Invest in a Rolex with the original bill of sale and storage box if you can. The growth in value will depend on the model, of course, but all well-looked-after watches are likely to be sound investments. Of particular note are the Rolex GMT-Master II, the Rolex Daytona and the Rolex Sky-Dweller because these have all performed consistently for the last five years or so. Nevertheless, there are always new and interesting Rolexes to purchase from us so keep checking if you are interested in a particular model.