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Rolex Sea Dweller Watches Online

A Rolex Sea Dweller watch is a luxury timepiece that forms part of the Swiss watchmaker’s underwater range, one that also includes the Submariner, for example. First introduced in 1967, the original Sea Dweller watches that came onto the market offered divers the chance to use their watch at depths of up to 2000 feet. These days, it is possible to obtain Sea Dwellers that can operate reliably far beyond this depth. The most robust underwater model variant in the range is the Sea Dweller Deepsea which was designed to be able to work at 12,800 feet below sea level. This particular version has a 44mm case, slightly larger than most Sea Dwellers, and features Rolex’s patented Ringlock system which is designed to offer resistance to pressure at depth.

Early versions of the Rolex Sea Dweller are characterised by a 40mm case and no cyclops lens over the date display which is located at the three o’clock position on all Sea Dwellers. Production of the first generation of Sea Dwellers continued uninterrupted until 1983 but there was a design update in the late 1970s. At this time, Rolex introduced white lettering. A new reference was introduced in 1978 that was made alongside the older version. This model is distinctive thanks to its sapphire crystal and larger case. A third version came out in 1989 which lasted until 2009 when the aforementioned Deepsea largely took over. However, there was a product relaunch of the Sea Dweller in more of its original form in 2014. A further update occurred a few years later with a 43mm case.