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In some senses, you cannot go wrong with a gift of jewellery for a loved one. Jewellery and luxury watches which contain precious metals are highly desirable items and usually come with a great deal of warmth associated with them whether they are given at Christmas or another occasion, such as a wedding anniversary, for instance. Equally, luxurious items like jewellery and deluxe watches retain their value so they can always be part-exchanged or sold, if preferred. 

That said, most people who buy their partner’s Christmas present from a reputable jewellery shop, like ours, want to make sure they buy something that will cause delight from the moment it is unwrapped. Read Bonds of Brentwood’s guide to buying the perfect gift for your partner and make sure you choose wisely.

Think About Sizing

It is worth knowing what size your partner is before you set your heart on a certain item. Although earrings and necklaces will fit almost everyone, this is not the case with bangles and other items that cannot be unclipped. Certainly, if you are looking at rings for a Christmas gift, then it will be worth establishing our partner’s ring size before shopping. This is especially so if you want the ring to be worn on a certain finger, such as an eternity ring being placed on the wedding band finger, for example.

Please note that we offer resizing services at Bonds of Brentwood which is good to know if a minor adjustment needs to be made. However, depending on the mounting, such adjustments can only do so much. Therefore, even if you don’t know your partner’s exact ring size, it would be a good idea to measure the width of a ring you know fits them. The same goes for luxury watch bracelets. These can be adjusted by adding or removing links but it will be useful to know their wrist size before making a purchase.

Consider Gemstones

In most cases, jewellery – and luxury watches, for that matter – are merely the settings for the real stars of the show – gemstones. In other words, you need to think about what your partner is attracted to in terms of colour and sparkle. Some people understandably want diamonds because they symbolise eternal love so well. However, there are plenty of other precious gemstones that would make for great Christmas presents, too, especially if they reflect your partner’s favourite colour or the tone of their eyes, for instance. It is increasingly popular to choose gemstones according to birth months, nowadays, too. For example, garnet symbolises January while May is represented by emeralds and so on.

Bespoke Jewellery

Nothing says ‘I love you’ in the way that a completely one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery does. Here at Bond of Brentwood, we can take design sketches and work them up until they become sophisticated pieces. If your partner has drawn something they’d like, then we can work from a photo of it so you’ll have something to surprise them with. Remember to consult us well before Christmas if this is what you’re planning since hand-crafted, bespoke jewellery takes time to produce.